Mahatma Gandhi – A Guiding Star

Mahatma Gandhi - A Guiding Star - Poem - Little Authors

Mahatma Gandhi – A Guiding Star

In India’s heart, a light did shine,
A soul so pure, a heart benign.

With peaceful strength, he led the way,
Gandhiji’s wisdom, for a brighter day.

Through nonviolence, he fought the fight,
Injustice and hatred, he sought to right.

A humble man, in homespun attire,
He ignited hearts with a sacred fire.

Salt marches and words of grace,
Champion of a nation’s long embrace.

A Mahatma, a guiding star,
He showed the world what love could mar.

In spinning wheel’s gentle turn,
A lesson for all humanity to learn.

Gandhiji’s legacy forever will be,
A symbol of hope and unity.

Prabhat Pillai

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Mahatma Gandhi – A Guiding Star

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