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Channel Review – Discovery Science

Are you a science enthusiast? Do you love the insane Science of the Universe? Then jump on to know the next words that’ll give you new charms.

I’m going to disclose the name of the most loved TV Channel by young science enthusiasts, & it is “DISCOVERY SCIENCE”. It has each & every shows one can be fond of. I love watching all the shows in my spare time just two of them have some special position in my heart. The first is “How The UNIVERSE Works?” & second is “Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman”.

There are others too such as “How It’s Made?”, “You Have Been Warned” etc. And to say the truth, the shows are extremely wonderful. I love space science a lot & the two shows I had mentioned is all about that. The first one deals with the working principle of the whole Universe, not the whole but may be little parts which the scientists are trying to figure out.

The well-known scientists, astrophysicists, cosmologists etc explain the theories with their experiences. And in the second one Morgan Freeman himself explains the theories of Wormhole & other related phenomena which is sure to puzzle your mind & take a deep dive into the world of space science. I am fond of this channel quite a lot.

I’m sure you would love this channel too just like me. So turn the TV on but don’t let your mind and hand change the channel to cartoons rather DISCOVERY SCIENCE!

By Samriddha Biswas

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Channel Review – Discovery Science

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