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Apples Everywhere

Rehaan was wandering through the trees. The air smelled of apples all around him. The weather was a bit chilly and he could see the snow peaked mountains far away. The apples were growing bigger by the day. He liked to walk through the groves, and loved the smell of the apples, but he didn’t like that he and his family ate apples all the time. Sometimes, he wanted to avoid them for weeks at a time.

He wished his family could grow other things, like oranges, or the ingredients for his favorite fruit cream salad that his mom made. His mouth watered just thinking about his cream salad. Yes, those ingredients would be better than apples all the time.

“Mom, why do we have to have apples almost every day during winter?” Rehaan asked.
“Well, since we grow them, there are plenty around,” his mom replied.
“Does every kid eat as many apples as we do?” he asked.
“No, definitely not. There are parts of the country and parts of the world that don’t have the type of weather that apples grow in. We’re actually very lucky!”
“So some kids don’t eat apples at all?” asked a puzzled Rehaan.

“We actually send apples all over the world, so that if people can’t grow their own apples, they can still buy and eat them,” said Mom.
“Hmmm… so people move foods all over the world? Are there foods that I like that don’t grow here?”
“There is an ingredient in the dip you like. Oranges do not grow well here, so they have to be sent from somewhere where they grow well,” replied Mom.
“I never knew!” exclaimed Rehaan. “What else moves around like food?”

“Plenty of things! The factories that make your favorite toys are not all in our little town here. The companies make the toys then send the toys to other places. So food and products move from where they can be grown or made easily to places where they can’t be grown or made easily. People move themselves, too. Maybe they’re looking for a specific job that isn’t around where they live, or they want to be closer to their families, or they just want a change of scenery.”

“Wow! I never thought about where all of our food and toys come from, or about people moving far away. It’s very interesting,” Rehaan said.

“It sure is. I’m glad you asked. I’m sorry you get tired of eating apples all the time, but I hope now it makes sense why we do.”
“Yes, but I still might take a break from them every once in a while.
Maybe I’ll try to grow my own oranges!” Rehaan replied picking up an apple from the basket nearby.
Mom laughed and said, “Sure, honey. Now help me make dinner.”

By Afifa Mastura

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Apples Everywhere

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