A Student’s Life

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A Student’s Life

Student’s life is not hard
It all starts with an admission card!
From nursery to twelve friends we make
Even in the hardest time we share our lunch in break!

Some stay some leave
Sometimes it is hard to believe
Sometimes we leave our old school to try a new one
After sometimes with new friends I start to have fun

Primary years is the best time
Oh how can I forget making colored lime and making glue slime!
And begging to teachers to take us to the ground
Only for a round

And how our teacher teaches math tricks to us
Before it math for a fuss!
And how in grammar
We quickly had to give our answer

Our teachers always prepared us for higher grade
They would give us a study shade
I wonder how hard our teachers work
For giving a correct answer they even give us a perk!

They always give us a hope
Because without it life has no scope!
Even if our friends have a little food to make us laugh
The give us there half

A student’s life is not hard
This all adventure starts from a admission card!

By Afifa Mastura

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A Student’s Life

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