The Four Naughty Ones

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The Four Naughty Ones

There was once four penguins living in the coldest part of North Pole. They were too excited to go to the tropical areas in order to see the human lives. They were Manny, Lui, Guan & Sally.

They were the most adventurous penguins! One day a helicopter was passing by where few people came for a documentary. The naughty four took the chance and with a high jump all were in. They beat those humans badly and threw them out. Then Lui became the head and started operating the helicopter, a kind of. All were wobbling now and then. All of a sudden the helicopter crashed in the tropical area of India.

All they did was roaming around. But the jaw falling thing is that the naughty penguins got a nice job where they have to just stay on an ice burg(artificial) and wave hands to people. Each day they earned Rs.1,000 each which made them get the title ‘The Rich Penguins!’ of India of course. And what a life it was for them. Manny owed an apartment, Lui had his big farm, Guan also owed a really massive house like palace & nothing to say about Sally , she had started working as an actress in the Bollywood besides.

They were having a wonderful life until one day, that same helicopter which took them here arrived, looked kind of same. Those people had injuries & bandages in every part of their bodies. They came down & tried to push the Penguins up. But somehow the pilot slipped & fell. Instantly Lui started to fly it and said, ” We’re off for another country, Bye!”

By Samriddha Biswas

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The Four Naughty Ones

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