Author : Afifa Mastura

The Colour Red

The Colour Red Red is the colour of my bedMy friend Jeh always wears red Red is the colour of roseMy friend Reyna is always in a yoga prose Red is the colour of lavaMy little sister is so full of drama Red is the colour of cherrySometime I wish I had a wand like […]

Apples Everywhere

Apples Everywhere Rehaan was wandering through the trees. The air smelled of apples all around him. The weather was a bit chilly and he could see the snow peaked mountains far away. The apples were growing bigger by the day. He liked to walk through the groves, and loved the smell of the apples, but […]

The Autumn Poem

The Autumn Poem In November’s golden light,I see a beauty unsurpassed,A truly lovely sight,The world around looks contrast. Leaves are saying bye bye,As they come floating down,Lying in the carpet to die,Of yellow, red, and brown. Mountain tops, now turned to white,Forewarn of winter chills,While trees, like golden rivers,Wind their way up through the hills. […]

A Student’s Life

A Student’s Life Student’s life is not hardIt all starts with an admission card!From nursery to twelve friends we makeEven in the hardest time we share our lunch in break! Some stay some leaveSometimes it is hard to believeSometimes we leave our old school to try a new oneAfter sometimes with new friends I start […]

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