Are We Really Losing Our Mother?

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Are We Really Losing Our Mother?

The home for all, the human beings as well as the beautiful creatures is none other than our pretty green mother Earth. She has provided every single things we require starting from food, water, oxygen, etc & even most precious, our own lives. There’s no lack of anything. She has created different lands for us to live, oceans for water, an atmosphere to protect us from foreign debris, trees & plants too provide us our necessary things & lastly animals & birds to be our best friends.

But gradually as the days pass, changes could be spotted in the human beings. People stop being grateful towards Earth rather became selfish for being the superior living being. They started ignoring the mother who gave us so much, did so much for us to survive. Now in return we’re paying back disrespect & rudeness. That’s not it, we’re literally damaging our Earth. Nowadays we think of only one thing that is luxury. For that we’re using all our natural resources but not wisely, rather carelessly.

We’re going on cutting the trees in huge numbers rapidly which is causing all sorts of troubles. We know how useful they’re to us still due to deforestation, soil erosion, landslides, drought, lack of oxygen, air pollution & most horrific, global warming are occurring. The troubles we’re creating we can’t even realise its effects. As a continuous job of adding pollutants to the nature through plastics & harmful chemicals, all kinds of pollutions, air, water & soil, are occurring. We’re destroying the nature at each steps we’re keeping. But the matter of concern is global warming. The temperature is continuously rising, our mother in rage is heating up. We’ve crossed all our limits so now Earth is showing what she can do. She’s destroying the creatures created by her. For this both we & Earth is getting ill. All the polar ice caps & glaciers are melting, that’ll increase the sea level & then lastly every coastal places and islands will get flooded away by the overflowing water. This’ll make our lives unbearable. Even without the plants there’s no meaning of calling the Earth by her name. She’ll have no more uniqueness.

We want our home to be like it is not a hell but certainly as beautiful as the heaven. We need to think a lot to find ways to save her. First and the most important job will be to plant a lot of trees & stop using plastics. We’ve to say ‘YES’ to nature & ‘NO’ to all those causes harm. Our Earth & our future is in our hands, how we’ll mould it into. Just sit for a minute and calmly think, are we doing the right? Is it what a mother should get back from her dearest children? Ask ourselves about our deeds & what Earth does for us.

Today let’s put a step forward
to give back something to our mother,
Earth as her loving children
not cruel & mean humans!

By Samriddha Biswas

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Are We Really Losing Our Mother?

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