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Losing concentration?
Are we in depression?
Or it’s for lots of pressure
giving us so much tension.

When we’re in grief,
our body requires a leave.
Needs a long time resting
to feel the relief.

Will a long sleep work that way?
Will peace come & stay?
Or on laziness we can relay?
Can we find relief that way?

But all knows the way,
all has the key,
to follow the ray
& get our mind free.

What is it?
Is it still unknown to us?
Don’t hurry
Wait, don’t rush!

It’s just to keep still
be flexible
go beyond our will
to know how peace feel.

It’s all Yoga
the key of life,
it’s the only factor
for why we survive.

It’s not only for relief
but for inner peace.
& that’s how the positivity will flow,
like shining rays it’ll make us glow.

Yoga, a prospered health it gives
a wonderful wealth we receive.
It gives us much more concentration
upbringing innovative creations.

Forget the worries that strikes,
let’s lead a gleeful & splendid life.

Samatvam Yoga Uchayate
(The eveness of Mind is known as Yoga)

By Samriddha Biswas

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