The Dark Mystery

The Dark Mystery - Samriddha Biswas - Little Authors

The Dark Mystery

Are you interested in Space Science? Do you know about Space Time? Or interested in mysterious facts of the Dark Vast Space? If you are…. then you might have heard about the very important terms nowadays ‘Wormhole’ & ‘Time Machine’. If not…. Not at all an issue to worry about. Let’s Find Out!

Scientists are very curious in finding out how can we travel back in time or see our future. But the question that usually pops up in our mind is ‘Is it really possible to do time travel?’ & if so how can we? Dr.Albert Einstein’s theory of General Relativity says that if we can travel faster than the speed of light, we can see the future. For example, it takes 8.2 minutes for the light of the Sun to reach the Earth. If a body from the Sun reaches Earth before the light reaches, it might experience the future. It is because light travels the fastest in this whole universe so first we’ll see the cause then the effects. Time travel is only possible when we’ll face the effects first then the cause.

Still researches are going on about this matter to invent Time Machine. But there must be an ‘Option B’ for everything. And that is discussed in the theory of General Relativity too. It’s none other than Transversable Wormholes. This topic is extremely complicated & that scientists are trying to get clues from the Space Time to unlock the mystery. To make it a bit simple to understand, let’s suppose there are two distant places in the universe; Point A & Point B, if we think about time travel it won’t be possible at all. They’re too much far. But if it is bent & made the straight plane, an ‘U’ shaped one then the distance will be shortened. Light always travels in a straight path so it might take light quite a bit time to reach in that bent path. If this two places a connected vertically with a tunnel, we can get there very quickly & come back too. These two places we’re talking about are the two parallel universes & the tunnel like structure being thought of, is the Wormhole. If the plan is successful we might be able to get into the 4th dimension where we can see our future.

But yes…… Science is developing so are we. Science is unlocking the ‘Option C’ too. Our universe was created by the Big Bang which is also known as the Big Bang Theory. It was all a nuclear fusion that is expected to start from the singularity. If we can create such a nuclear fusion may be another much more advanced universe will get created destroying ours. But that will prove the singularity wrong, it means our universe was created by infinite to the infinite.

Then are we the advanced version of some other beings of another Universe?

By Samriddha Biswas

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The Dark Mystery

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