Weekend Is Here

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Weekend Is Here

It’s the weekend, no more school,
Time to have some fun, that’s the rule!
There’s so much to do, so much to see,
Let’s explore, and be free!

We could go out, and play some ball,
Or have a picnic, and eat some meatballs.
We could ride our bikes, on a sunny day,
And feel the wind, blowing our cares away.

We could head to the movies, and watch a show,
Or play some card games, and let time go slow.
We could go bowling, and try to get a strike,
Or hit the bean bag, and play games all night.

We could visit a museum, and learn something new,
Or explore the city, and see what’s in view.
We could try some new food, at a fancy restaurant,
Or cook together at home, and have a fun chant.

We could have a sleepover, and stay up late,
And share our secrets, and our fate.
We could dance to our favorite tunes,
And sing out loud, under the moon.

Whatever we do, it’s sure to be great,
For weekends are for fun, and we can’t be late.
So let’s go out, and make some memories,
And enjoy every moment, with all our energies!

By Daniel Everett

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Weekend Is Here

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