Oh Mother

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Oh Mother

Oh mother! You have nurtured me
With hills full of greenery
The whole day I just want to see
The birds flying peacefully

Oh mother! You have embraced me
Surrounded by the shady trees
The lakes, the ponds, the rivers, the sea
The purple orchid full of bees

Oh mother! You have enlightened me
Knowledge as high as a mountain
Ambition vast like the sea
Kindness as sweet as a fountain

Oh mother! You have blessed me
With beautiful rain, so sweet!
With thunder and lightening perfectly
arriving and leaving, bringing sleet

Oh mother! There is a thing that I mourn
It seems that we have no time
For the pleasures you have for us borne
Why no time to sit and stare at what is yours and mine?

Nishtha Jaiswal

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Oh Mother

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