A Wish ‘Freedom’

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A Wish ‘Freedom’

After days & nights,
from the wet soil peeks a little child.

From many obstacles it comes out,
to see a new world around.

While growing it knew about the terrible actions,
falling off its elders in huge fractions.

It just saw & in the wind it sway,
to ignore the sorrows of its life & play.

Sometimes brother Sun & sometimes sister Wind,
anyhow made it scream.

It saw the children, how joyfully they dance,
but it would’ve too if ever got a chance.

It wanted to hold hands,
& ask everything about the world to its friends.

It wanted to seek happiness,
from the world not its steady place.

It just thought, a wide world awaits,
where it’s entirely new & fresh.

It grew to be a gracious evergreen,
& the children also grew into teen.

It was the same from inside,
a little child.

Loved the birds & creature friends,
& all sorrows of it they mend.

But the little children who danced around,
among the polluted city were found.

Never respected others ever,
nor were seen to do any favour.

Always with a fallen crest,
went home & wanted rest.

It still from the hard road wished the same,
as it did in the soft soil, to know every single name.

But now no one was there to give it the hope,
instead of its friends there were shops.

Seems brother Sun & sister Wind became breathless in the crowd,
just the dark pollution was all around.

The happy leaves who once were green,
couldn’t dance, from pollution they couldn’t win.

They faded away,
& couldn’t sway.

One day a troop came,
it filled with hope again.

They looked at each other, muttered something about,
just then there was a tremendous shout.

Then came something with big wheel,
& everything became still.

It opened its eyes again,
it was among dark air & dry land with no rain.

Tears rolled down as pieces of wood,
that revisited it in its glorious childhood.

How it wished to be happy & free,
but it was absolutely wrong for it,
to grow up as a ‘TREE’.

By Samriddha Biswas

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A Wish ‘Freedom’

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