The World Seeks For Peace

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The World Seeks For Peace

Round the world terrible wars,
takes away peace really far.

Bloody fights,
days & nights,
takes away all human rights.

Lack of food & money,
and destroyed home,
sunny days seems cloudy.

Without family & relatives,
even no pets & trees,
fills one with grief.

Attacks, bombs, bloods
scattered all around,
peace is nowhere, never to be found.

For just bit of land & power,
bloods & cries shower.

The drop of cry turns into blood,
all through the land it floods.

Shouts of help can be heard,
when diseases spread,
& people leave the world.

Someone’s mother or father,
sisters or brothers,
relatives or friends,
in this war all comes to an end.

Sorrow it creates,
grief it spreads,
a broken heart it makes.

Why does the people do this?
Only to break the fellow people’s wish?
What do they get, land?
but it’s only filled with blood
or else completely vacant.

For a relaxed, stress free, cheerful mind,
only one thing in the world we must find,
At last it’s Peace,
what it needs to shine!

Don’t let only blood shower,
the world is our
Let PEACE bloom like a flower!

By Samriddha Biswas

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The World Seeks For Peace

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