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Music fills our hearts with joy,
With melodious tunes and beats galore,
And a simple song, if hits the right notes,
Can make its listeners long for more

Many believe music the key,
To opening chambers in their minds,
While others remain grateful to thee,
For quelling their worries and bringing them ease

May it be soothing sounds that put one to rest,
Or rocking rhythms, full of zest,
Harmonious Haikus, Jubilant Jazz,
From any form, culture, generation or land

Perhaps a solo with the spotlight direct,
Or a voracious vocal, vibrant to the end,
Maybe an instrument that suits one’s taste,
Fancy some choreography to go with it?

And whichever sect of art you pick,
If your eagerness shows on your face,
Your enthusiasm’s sure to spread,
Like a contagious virus, end-to-end

As time ticks by, this fever spreads,
To every corner of the globe,
And so, every year on 21st June,
We celebrate World Music Day!

Ayaan Chettiar

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