Why Are We Depressed?

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Why Are We Depressed?

Nowadays people have became quite advanced to clutch a phone in their hands, use mixer grinders & washing machines, calculate by the help of robots & calculators etc. Specially improvement can be seen in countries like Japan & USA. So why does a problem still triggers whereas it should be free from almost all such problems with the world, we name as modern world. Why do we face anxiety & feel depressed?

What do you think a person would naturally say? “I’m well benefited from the modern world. Just too much hurry & competition all around so I’m quite depressed.”

But first of all just ponder, Why do I need to face all these sufferings? Is it helping me to do something? Or simply shortening my life? To answer all these tricky questions, we need to know the answer of the most toughest question in this human life that when comes to our mind, it’s just casually ignored like anything. It’s “Who Am I?”

Can’t we easily point out the parts of our body like my hand, my leg, my nose etc? Yes, of course we can. But if you’re told, can you point out ‘I’ or ‘Me’? No you can’t. Then who’s the body & why do we refer it as ‘I’? Still you see it’s ‘My body’ not ‘I’ isn’t it?

A scientist found out the chemicals which makes our body & their market price. You won’t believe but it’s just 110/- !!! Can you even imagine? Then why wouldn’t your parents sell you if someone gives them more than 1 lakh? Your friend has got a car worth 25 lakhs. But still after an accident why do you rush the body of 110/- to the hospital leaving the 25 lakhs car on the roadside?

Without any such speciality in that body why would anyone do so? What’s so special in it? From the heaven as soul is sent to the material world, Earth in different forms. It’s just like a wheel game of life & death where the soul gets stuck. But when the inner supreme soul, lord Krishna accepts it as his true devotee, he free up the soul from the painful process & sufferings so that it can go back to it’s own home, heaven.

That’s all within this body is what we say ‘I’ & parts of it as ‘My’.

Now let’s get back to our topic, why are we depressed? The answer is crystal clear. The soul is suffering & due to false ego of the words ‘I’ & ‘My’, this body isn’t getting inner peace. Outer comfort isn’t all. The soul wants to be free from the material world. In this 21st century, the only key for this problems is Yoga & another very crucial method is chanting the Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra everyday. You’ll feel the difference in yourself.

By Samriddha Biswas

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Why Are We Depressed?

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