Water Pollution

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Water Pollution

Day by day, marine animals are leading to extinction and their numbers are decreasing. This is also because the water which they drink from the seas, lakes, ponds, rivers etc. is not at all good. The water bodies are getting contaminated. Humans know the reason behind this, and however, they themselves are the reason for it!

Just because of human beings, marine organisms are getting affected. Humans throw garbage, juice cans, plastic wrappers, polythene bags, etc. This all leads to Water Pollution.

Even some of the pieces of thermocol passes along the river banks. Humans are affecting the marine life of many organisms, and guess what, they are also affecting the life of organisms which they actully eat! Such as fishes, crab etc. Due to the harmful and hazardous activities of humans, marine organisms are frequently falling sick and may also cause to death.

The rivers have been polluted so vast that it can’t even be recognised in some of the places. Nowadays, large vehicles such as ships and boats are used for the transportation of people and goods which take place via waterways. Due to this, the diesel and oil cans of vehicles may get leak and the water surfaces become oily. This is again another reason for Water Pollution.

The waste water released by the chemical industries,etc. without doing the proper treatment is another cause for Water Pollution.

In majority of the cases, the cause of Water Pollution is from the activities of humans. Thus it is expected from the human beings to understand and adopt the balancing measures so that their activities shall not become the cause to pollute the water bodies.

At the end I would like to conclude by saying, “Water Pollution is increasing vastly. We should explain people and have continuous awareness in them through social media, online platforms etc. so that it can bring the behavioural changes in humans.”

By Shravasti Mate

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Water Pollution

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