The Storm

The Storm - English Poem - Little Authors -

The Storm

When the clouds grumble
& the wind rustles,
all the things tumbles.

The clouds shout in joy,
breaking through the houses just like a toy.
The lightnings come rushing,
along with the wind gushing.

How terribly the trees break down,
with rubbles all around.
All the glasses & windows & plates get crazy
all with the wind & dust that makes all hazy.

The angry clouds & dishonest sky,
makes many poors cry.
Without their belongings & roofs
where would they roam in groups.

Sometimes good & fresh,
& sometimes being restless,
it shows its true colours
where the rain pours & showers.

It goes all through the towns,
& how the people frowns,
in each rounds
all through the way it drowns.

What a mess the storm brings,
destroying every single things.

By Samriddha Biswas

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The Storm

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