Healing In Peace

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Healing In Peace

Drapetomania settled in the fissures of our heart
Emphasizes the urge to run towards abditory,
We seek solace in fantasy
As this world leaves us despondent and weary.

We look at the moon with watery eyes
As the moonlight shimmers and our eyes gleam,
Talking to it holds tranquility
And the moon passes us a beam.

We’re all somewhere out in space
Finding calmness in terminated things,
We want to go unknown and revive
Reestablish our world as we regrow our wings.

We tear our souls and edge forward the past
Wondering how idyllic it is to heal,
We look for love in the moon and stars
We disguise ourselves to rejoice in what we feel…

By Rati Jha

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Healing In Peace

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