The Brave Dwarf and the Monster’s Lair

Brave Dwarf and the Monster's Lair - Little Authors

The Brave Dwarf and the Monster’s Lair

Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived a few people. They were all happy, but they didn’t know about the dangerous monster living nearby in a dark cave. One day, a man passed through the monster’s cave while traveling to a nearby village. The monster saw him and wanted to eat him. Since then, whoever went into the cave never came back.

After few days, a dwarf from the same village went to the village leader and said he would kill the monster. Everyone laughed at him, but the leader promised him a lot of gold coins if he succeeded, giving him only two days to do it. The next day, the dwarf took some fresh meat and went into the cave. When the monster saw him, it wanted to eat him, but the dwarf asked it to eat the meat first. While the monster was eating, the dwarf pretended to be in pain and said he needed the hair from the monster’s beard to cure his disease. The monster let him go.

The dwarf went to a nearby village where his uncle lived and told him and the villagers about the monster’s hair being able to cure any disease. The villagers armed themselves and went to hunt the monster. When they found it, they all killed it together. Then the dwarf went back to his village and showed everyone the dead monster. He was given gold coins as a reward, and everyone in the village lived happily ever after

By Dibyanshu Pradhan

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The Brave Dwarf and the Monster’s Lair

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