Rainy Season

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Rainy Season

Summer says bye, while the rain bids hello,
The hols are at an end, they went nice and slow…
Time to pick up the old books, cause the heat’s flown by,
Looking out the window, there are clouds in the sky…

The drops flow down the sill, cause it’s rainy day time,
And everyone is smiling at the cloud-covered sky,
These days of wetty goodness, they just seem to fly,
So remember to make use of every single dime…

The plants on the wet ground, they just soak up the rain,
On us fun-loving kids these rains leave a stain…
Playing games in the puddles is the heart and the joy,
Cause the rainy day season is a time to enjoy!

By Ayaan Chettiar

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Rainy Season

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