The Magic Blanket

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The Magic Blanket

Ayush was 5 years old. It was summer holidays and Ayush was bored. He loved playing pretend. He draped a blanket over his shoulders. The blanket turned into a robe. Ayush had become a king! Ayush asked his mom to make dosa for breakfast. He did not think kings ate upma. Ayush grew tired of being a king. He laid the blanket out flat on the floor and sat in the middle of it. The blanket turned into a magic carpet. Ayush made swishing sounds as if he was flying. He leaned one way and then the other pretending to steer.

Ayush landed his magic carpet and crumpled up the blanket’s edges. The blanket turned into an island in the sea. Ayush’s cat became a sea monster! Ayush battled the sea monster who kept trying to crawl up on his beach. After the battle, Ayush grew hungry. He draped the blanket between two chairs to make a tent. Ayush asked his mom to cook Maggi for lunch. He loved Maggi and always ate Maggi at his nana’s house.

After eating the Maggi, Ayush grew tired of camping. He draped the blanket over his shoulders. This time the blanket turned into a cape. Ayush became a superhero! He grabbed the corners of his cape and spread out his arms. He flew through the house looking for someone to rescue. Ayush found his elder sister reading a book, but she did not want to be rescued. Ayush felt a tug on his cape. His dog Bandit had grabbed the end of Ayush’s blanket. Ayush pulled on one end of the blanket. Bandit pulled on the other end of the blanket. The blanket turned into a rope in a game of tug-of-war. Ayush grew tired, climbed into bed and took a nap. On top of him, his blanket turned into a blanket.

By Ayush Mehta

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The Magic Blanket

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