Happy Teacher’s Day

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Happy Teacher’s Day

Every day, I rejoice and I come to school,
I come to learn and I come to bloom,
So many subjects I get to explore,
But what touches me most is the love and the care that you show.

Teachers, they’re like the closest touch,
Teachers, they’ll help you get to the crust,
Teachers, they teach us with their loving care,
Teachers, we love you very much…

We may have a thousand queries,
but you’ll answer them all,
We may not win the challenges,
but you’ll help get us through the fall.

Teachers, you’ll do what you need to,
You’ll never leave a doubt unsolved,
Teachers, you are encouraging and strong,
And I hope to thank you with this very song.

Teachers, you are the best of the best,
And we want you to know that we love you,
Teachers, your help is what we need,
To get through the challenges and finally succeed.

Thank you, teachers and I wish you all a very happy Teacher’s Day!!!

By Ayaan Chettiar

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Happy Teacher’s Day

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