The Wizard of Math

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The Wizard of Math

In the shadow of the evening,
Came the wizard of Math,
Peering into the windows,
From inside his crooked hat,

Saw the children all sleeping,
Every youngster but one,
For he was poring over his algebra,
Shaking his head, all confused,

In the flicker of the nightlight,
The wizard disappeared,
Then re-emerged a second later,
In the dimly-lit room,

The boy got to his feet in shock,
Were his eyes but playing tricks?
Said the wizard calm and composed,
“Why hello, young lad!”

In a second, the pages turned about,
The signs began to jump,
And the numbers did a merry dance,
As did the variables!

Then the wizard snapped his fingers once,
The Math jumped off the page,
And began to swirl about the room,
No longer in their cage!

The boy turned his gaze around,
As the wizard snapped once more,
The numbers zoomed into his head,
The boy now understood!

Asked the youngster, with a thanking smile,
“Who might you be, my wizard friend?”
As for the wizard, he snapped one final time,
As more Math now appeared!

The numbers jumped upon his hat,
And more leapt out from within,
The signs revolved around his cloak,
His mouth curved to a smile!

Then the nightlight flickered one more time,
As the wizard disappeared,
Taking with him all that magic math,
But the boy, he smiled back too!

By Ayaan Chettiar

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The Wizard of Math

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