Climate Change

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Climate Change

Us humans live in recent times,
The apex species in our minds,
But this growing world brings with it change,
Our climate changing day-by-day!

Our globe seems to simply heat up,
Climate Change is all the talk,
With greenhouse gases in the air,
Our ecosystem seems to tear!

The pollution levels seem to rise,
A global threat, this is, that’s right!
With CO2 now in excess,
Our community has been compressed!

The ozone layer now torn apart,
The UV Rays upon us hard,
The ice caps melt to water plain,
Causing floods in areas far and near!

The modern world never ceases to grow,
However, nature’s interests are put on hold,
Trees chopped down, whole forests gone,
Our fertile land now cities’ homes!

This newfound threat attacks our lives,
Against global warming we must fight,
Restore our lands to clean and green,
So that in our future lives, we may succeed!

By Ayaan Chettiar

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Climate Change

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