The Clever Thief

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The Clever Thief

In a village far away, there was a clever thief. One day he game across a garden full of mango trees. The ripes mangoes lured him there. The garden was guarded by an old guard who looked bored.

The clever thief thought of a plan. He went to the guard and asked him whether they could play a game where the guard could win money.

The guard agreed. The thief drew a circle and told the guard to stay inside the circle. If the guard came out of the circle he would have to pay the money, if the guard could stay in the circle for 15 minutes the thief would pay him.

The guard stood inside the circle and the thief started to pluck mangoes from the trees. The guard saw the thief stealing mangoes but thought it was a part of the game to lure him out of the circle.

The thief filled his bag with mangoes and fled with the mangoes before the old guard could do anything.

By Ayush Mehta

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The Clever Thief

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