Ice Cream

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Ice Cream

An ice cream in a bowl,
Tasting is my goal.

My favourite flavour is chocolate,
As it tastes great.
Cold and tasty as ever,
Berries and cherries all over.

Sprinkles of all colours,
Just like beautiful flowers,
Ice cream is sugary,
As sweet as bees hive honey,
I ‘am always dreamy,
As the ice cream is exceptionally creamy.

I see a delicious frozen treat,
I can’t help but eat,
Because its my favourite kind of treat.
It is a holiday today,
So, let’s eat some sundae.

All flavours and colours in a cone,
I insist you to come out of your comfort zone,
Just like this delightful poem.

By Asima Usmani

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Ice Cream

One thought on “Ice Cream

  1. Dear Asima
    Very well written, kudos to you my girl!!
    Keep soaring high!!
    Best wishes, today and always!! Shine on!!

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