Jungle Safari

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Jungle Safari

“Your majesty, we all are in a great trouble.” spoke up one animal from the meeting.

The lion replied, “Yes, what is troubling you all?”

The little rabbit turned up now “Oh great lion, the humans, the humans are troubling is. We’ve got plenty of things required for survival exept for harmony!”

“Quite a matter to think of. Mr.Fox, Mr.Fox!”

“Yes, your majesty. I’m here.” answered Mr.Fox.

“This is getting too much. Everyday I’m getting many many similar complaints. Someone’s relative or children are taken, some are being killed on the spot and some of them’s houses are being destroyed by the annoying humans. What should we do now?”

“Your honour, I’ve got a great idea. After few days, it’s a holiday of the humans & all of them will surely come for the Jungle Safari to see all of us.”

King lion interrupted Mr.Fox “Is it so?”

“Yes & then my plan is to announce, all the animals will be in their respective homes for a few days. Nobody should come out. It’ll be my responsibility to reach their foods to them. Your majesty, you’ll also have to remain inside your own den. After bringing your food I’ll sit next to you.”

“Mr.Fox I guess it’s a nice idea but what will happen then?” enquired the lion.

“Simple, the humans have to return back without even seeing us.”

“Good job, Mr.Fox!” praised the king.

At last came the day, it was Sunday & all humans with their families in big cars came for Jungle Safari. They were astonished to find not a single creature out. The children started gossiping, “What’s the matter here? Hey listen, there’s a den in that place. Let’s go & see. Yes yes!”

They slipped away from their parents & went in that den. It was actually home of King Lion. The children went in & the moment they stepped, King Lion got afraid. He leapt on them and they shouted so loud that all came rushing. Others saw the lion just beside the kids.

The forest officer said, “This lion is getting too much on our nerves. Wait, I’ll teach you a lesson.” & he shooted with a gun.

The bullet went flying into King Lion’s chest & with tremendous pain, he died.

At once every animals, Mr.Fox, little rabbit etc came out. Tears were rolling down their eyes on King Lion who cared for all his subjects so lovingly & happily these years. The humans took photos, roamed around & then went away leaving plastics & packets of cakes & all such stuffs.

Just think, why do we do this? Does the animals ever come to see us? Why do we go to see them in their own forest?

By Samriddha Biswas

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Jungle Safari

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