Author : Shiva R


Feelings Once upon a time in the green jungle there were two best friends Mellie and Charlie, who were as different as night and day. Mellie who was an elephant was known for her gloomy demeanor whereas Charlie who was a cheetah was always funny and bubbling with happiness. One sunny morning, as Mellie trudged […]

Ramanujan – The Math Wiz

Ramanujan – The Math Wiz Ramanujan, a man of great mindHis talent, unrivaled, truly one of a kindFrom the land of India, he did hailHis love of math, a never-ending tale He tackled problems with ease and graceHis solutions, a mathematical masterpieceHis theories, groundbreaking and newHe left a legacy, forever true Ramanujan, a man ahead […]

I Love Football

I Love Football To play on the field There’s no yield All my friends and me Run everywhere free I do some moves Everyone claps on my grooves The whistle blasts and here we go Lets play and your passions show Shoots some goals In between the poles One by one Lets have some fun […]

The Little Red House

The Little Red House Once upon a time there was a little boy. He was looking for something to do one beautiful fall day, so his mom told him to go find a little red house with no windows and no door and a star inside. This sounded very interesting to the little boy. He […]

The Visitor

The Visitor That was a Friday. That means it was my day.  I got up really late in the morning.  It was almost 9 or 9.30. Sitting in the bed, giving a wide and loud yawning, I looked all around. Nobody was there in the room.  Suddenly I felt a kind of movement.  My blanket […]

Sun and the Wind

Sun and the Wind Sun and the wind were good friends. But wind was always a bit arrogant. One day, The wind and the sun had an argument. The wind told Sun “I am stronger than you”. The sun laughed at the wind and said “No, you are not”. Just then, they saw an old […]

Plastic – The Villain

Plastic – The Villain Imagine if there were three planets. The first being our own earth on which humans reside. Second the Plastasia, on which plastics lived. The third World of Cloth which was inhabited by everything made out of cloth. Once a war declared. Every planet had a leader. Mother earth stood for humans. […]

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