Sun and the Wind

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Sun and the Wind

Sun and the wind were good friends. But wind was always a bit arrogant. One day, The wind and the sun had an argument. The wind told Sun “I am stronger than you”. The sun laughed at the wind and said “No, you are not”.

Just then, they saw an old man wrapped in a blanket passing by. The wind said, “Whoever can separate the blanket from the old man is the stronger. Do you agree?” The sun replied “well, I agree. You may try first”.

The wind started blowing. The old man wrapped his blanket around him. He blew harder and he held his blanket firmer. The wind got angry and blew with full force. But the man held his blanket tighter. The Wind got disappointed. Then It was the Sun’s turn. The sun smiled gently at the man. The old man started sweating and loosened his grip on the blanket.

The sun smiled warmly and immediately the man felt the warmth and soon took off the blanket. The sun won the contest.

The moral of the story is that Never be arrogant and never underestimate anybody, Every person is unique and can contribute in their own way.

By Shiva R

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Sun and the Wind

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