Ramanujan – The Math Wiz

Ramanujan - Little Authors

Ramanujan – The Math Wiz

Ramanujan, a man of great mind
His talent, unrivaled, truly one of a kind
From the land of India, he did hail
His love of math, a never-ending tale

He tackled problems with ease and grace
His solutions, a mathematical masterpiece
His theories, groundbreaking and new
He left a legacy, forever true

Ramanujan, a man ahead of his time
His genius, a treasure, truly divine
He inspired others with his brilliant mind
A true mathematician, one of a kind

We honor his memory, and all he achieved
His contributions, forever retrieved
Ramanujan, a man we shall always cherish
His legacy, a treasure, forever to flourish

By Shiva R

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Ramanujan – The Math Wiz

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