Plastic – The Villain

Plastic - The Villain

Plastic – The Villain

Imagine if there were three planets. The first being our own earth on which humans reside. Second the Plastasia, on which plastics lived. The third World of Cloth which was inhabited by everything made out of cloth.

Once a war declared. Every planet had a leader. Mother earth stood for humans. The evil Lord Plastic was the ruler of Plastasia. The Cloth Man was the leader of World of Cloth. The humans won the war. But Lord Plastic begged for mercy and promised that they would never betray them and be their slaves. But as days passed Lord Plastic started ruling over the humans. Mother Earth got furious. She asked Cloth Man for help. He agreed. They won and Lord Plastic was killed.

This was unfortunately a fictional story. I wish this was a real story. That would have made humans understand better that plastic is in real life a villain. I request to everyone that we should take initiative and get this villain out of our lives to make our city, our India, our earth, better.

By Shiva R

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Plastic – The Villain

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