Author : Sana Chettiar

Best Places To Download Free eBooks

Best Places To Download Free eBooks A person who doesn’t read doesn’t live. It is true because one can only truly experience the joy of this beautiful world when one reads. Reading is one of life’s simple pleasures and something everyone should do. Unless you join a library, buying books can be an expensive affair. […]

How To Motivate Kids To Read

How To Motivate Kids To Read Before you work on motivating your child, it helps if you understand why he / she resist reading in the first place. Which scenario depicts your resistant reader? “Reading is hard!” You probably wouldn’t choose hard work as a leisure activity, and that’s true for your child, too. If […]

Fantasy Books For Children

Fantasy Books For Children No matter how old you are, it’s never too early to start reading fantasy especially with so many incredible works out there! And of course, bolstered by our imagination, these stories can truly come to life… which arguably makes children the ideal audience for the genre. But we think there’s something […]

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