A Poetic Life

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A Poetic Life

Wherever I see
touch & feel
a sense of positivity emits.

Flowers shape the garden,
colours have painted them
a huge that washes away.

The sky of blue
& meadows green
mix away in the sea.

Away to the horizon they meet
& the vast blue ocean
with the sky’s reflection
where ships go in fleet.

The smell of the wet land
& silts, sands
makes one go mad.

Deep underground,
where fossils are found
I would have touched
if it was around.

The strength of lion
in the jungle,
& humans in the crowd
& there up the sky
the eagle roams about.

This way goes on the trail of thoughts of a poet
nothing’s being cared, what’s early & what’s late,
everything is just great!

By Samriddha Biswas

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A Poetic Life

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