Book Review – Hungry To Play

Book Review - Hungry To Play | Little Authors

Book Review – Hungry To Play

Some books are there which add up in my favourite list but are actually borrowed from the school library. One of them is Arti Sonthalia’s book named ‘Hungry To Play’.

The book is super fantastic and very interesting. The protagonist is a boy named Kabir whose math is worst than ever but he’s champion in tennis.

He also has a twin sister named Mira who’s the complete opposite of Kabir. With all the ‘D’ grades in Math Surprise Tests, Kabir and his family were fed up. Instead of his tennis practice they tried for some math tuition. Kabir was more than depressed because his parents hadn’t signed the ‘Interschool Tennis Competition’ form and rather gave him tuitions.

Dhruv was his best friend who encouraged Kabir in all he did but not Neel who discouraged and envied him. Neel was very proud too for he had won the Tennis competition previous year. But then situation changed. What happened then? No, I won’t say anymore.

Can Kabir win the tennis match? Can he learn fraction and crack the surprise test? Who will teach him then? To know the answers to these mysterious questions, jump on, grab the book and start reading.

I am quite sure you will love the story book! Specially those who hate math and love playing games!

By Samriddha Biswas

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Book Review – Hungry To Play

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