I Am

I am Miss Sakhi

I Am

I am Miss Sakhi, so I’ll always be your friend, friend, friend,

I am a crazy book lover, my love for books will never end, end, end!

I am a fan of books of Sudha Murty, Nancy Drew, Judy Moody and Wimpy Kid, kid, kid!

I am a classical music student so don’t mind if I go Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Saa, Saa, Saa!

I am a good girl if you are good to me, I can be mean if you are rude to me, me, me!

I am thinking of becoming an Astronaut, Oh for that I’ll have to study a lot lot lot!

I am thankful to all my teachers from tomorrow, yesterday and today today today, I love my school, teachers and friends I say say say!

By Sakhi Sabhachandani

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I Am

11 thoughts on “I Am

  1. This is awesome,you know what you want to be n I m sure you will fulfill your dream one day.keep it up n don’t stop dreaming.

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