Author : Saina Handoo

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever A golden tail wagging side to sideswooshing as they run outside Beaded eyes and buttoned noseBut their peevishness will keep you on your toes Chasing squirrels an all-time hitThey’ll run after them, at least where they fit Gladly up for hugs and cuddles,And will always jump into puddles When they play they leave […]

Our Paradise

Our Paradise Once a peaceful magnificent paradise,Now a land we destroyed.Can we not give up our ignorance, a small sacrifice. The night that was freckled with white,Now only a canvas black,Stars overshadowed by a dark curtain of smoke, but they still fight. Disaster and calamities have spread across,Mountains fall, water floods the plains,Creating havoc wherever […]


Journey Jamming our backpacks and running to the car, Out on the plains dandelions afar. Up on the hills a beautiful view, ugh! I stepped on some mud ew! Roses and rock cresses all around, Nightfall is nearing as the sun goes down. Everything’s dark and there’s a mysterious feel, to be honest it’s not […]

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