Our Paradise

Our Paradise - Little Authors - Poems - Saina Handoo

Our Paradise

Once a peaceful magnificent paradise,
Now a land we destroyed.
Can we not give up our ignorance, a small sacrifice.

The night that was freckled with white,
Now only a canvas black,
Stars overshadowed by a dark curtain of smoke, but they still fight.

Disaster and calamities have spread across,
Mountains fall, water floods the plains,
Creating havoc wherever they pass.

Misused by man and is falling apart,
Once living are now dead,
so come together with our cruel ways, let us part.

We were not supposed to be Earth’s enemies or foes,
we should’ve known better than to destroy life,
Can we only cause this Elysium despair and woes?

We have not inherited this land of beauty, but we are guardians of it,
Better conserve this gem of living,
And keep the light for generations lit.

By Saina Handoo

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Our Paradise

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