Mother Earth VS. Catastrophic Villains

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Mother Earth VS. Catastrophic Villains

There was a beautiful planet named Mother Earth. Everyone on this planet lived peacefully. This planet was full of lush greenery. The Oceans and the seas were clean and pure no plastic, no thrash and no waste. The air was fresh, pure and pollution free. All living organisms were very happy and danger free.

One day an evil witch came to visit planet Earth. She saw that Mother Earth is a very beautiful Planet. She also saw that everybody is happily playing with their family and friends. Everyone is live peacefully. She got angry and jealous of Mother Earth. She wanted to destroy Mother Earth and make this planet like her own. So, she thought of making her family and sending them to destroy Mother Earth. The family she created were a huge threat to Mother Earth. They started destroying Mother Earth. Mother Earth started depleting and the living organism on Mother Earth started facing problems. The humans were sad and unhealthy. Once there is some solution found.

On Mother Earth there lived a sibling named Rajveer and Panache, they had God – gifted superpowers and they wanted to help Mother Earth by destroying the villains created by the Evil Witch.

One day Rajveer and Panache were in a library searching books on mystery and adventure. Suddenly, Rajveer and Panache came across a book which was glowing and was attracting them towards it. They didn’t know that the book was actually a curse by an Evil Witch. So, they took it and read the name of the book. The name of the book was ‘The Mysterious Door to the Hidden World.’ They opened it and were suddenly sucked inside. They were surprised to see themselves on a different planet. They got to know that the book was a secret passage to a hidden world. After some time, Rajveer and Panache realized they were on a planet which was a replica of Mother Earth, but it was totally destroyed.

A lady with a cane was slowly walking towards them. A lady was actually an Evil Witch in disguise, about what Rajveer and Panache were not aware of. She welcomed them warmly. Then she told them, “You might be lost on this land, as you are new to this place so let me take you on a tour to my world and then you can stay at my place for some days.” Rajveer and Panache did not know that the Evil Witch had plans to kill them and take their blood to make a magic potion that will destroy Mother Earth.

The witch was unaware that Rajveer and Panache also possessed some superpowers. Soon the tour was over and they visited the house were the witch showed her true form and locked them in the store – room. But Rajveer and Panache with their superpowers escaped. While escaping Rajveer heard the witch sending her family to destroy Mother Earth. Her family she created included many witches and wizards named deforestation, plastic, pollution, wildfire, climate change and a deadly virus named Covid – 19.

The Plastic polluted the rivers, oceans and seas. Plastic was ruling over humans. Deforestation controlled people’s minds to cut down trees. Pollution polluted Mother Earth and made the air impure and unhealthy. Wildfire burnt forests. Climate Change brought changes in rainfall so there were more floods and droughts, intense rains, frequent and severe heat waves, oceans started warming and became acidic, ice-caps started melting, sea levels started rising, water shortages, temperature started rising, global warming etc. Deadly virus Covid – 19 attacked and killed many human beings.

Rajveer and Panache started worrying about what will happen to Mother Earth. They wanted to save Mother Earth. A war was declared between Mother Earth Saviors and the Catastrophic Villains. Rajveer and Panache controlled the human minds to plant more trees to defeat deforestation. Afforestation and reforestation also defeated deforestation. Rajveer and Panache called cloth and jute bags for help to defeat plastic. Eco-friendly products took place of plastic. Electric transport were invented to defeat pollution.

Humans started walking, ride a bicycle and used public transports to reduce pollution. Covid-19 virus affected humans but to Mother Earth virus had good impact as ozone layer started healing, less pollution created as humans were into lockdown, humans started spending quality time with their family, there was no hunting and killing of animals etc. Humans started wearing masks and stopped their outings to stop spreading disease through virus. Vaccine was invented by life warriors to defeat the deadly virus covid-19.

To save Mother Earth humans started following three R’s which is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Best out of waste ideas were created and invented. They use eco-friendly products, started using natural resources wisely, started conserving and saving water, electricity, energy, paper, trees etc.

People turned vegan and started organic farming. They also started following proper waste management and disposal. Humans started following and practicing all what was good for environment and Mother Earth also stopped doing what was bad and threat for Mother Earth. This reduced the impact of villains and defeated all the villains who were a huge threat and danger to the Mother Earth. All this practices and solutions did not completely kill or defeated the villains created by Evil Witch but their impacts, cause and effects were reduced so that it helps the environment and save Mother Earth.

The celebration of Earth Day started for every year which is continued till date to show support for the Earth, raise and spread awareness of environmental issues. Looking Mother Earth safe an evil witch became furious and unhappy. She returned back to her own world. Rajveer and Panache took a pledge of saving Mother Earth and decided to take initiative in spreading awareness to help and save Mother Earth.

Humans need to understand that plastic is the main culprit and Humans are destroying Mother Earth knowingly or unknowingly for their selfish purpose and needs which are directly or indirectly affecting Mother Earth. Everyone needs to take pledge and initiative to get all these villains out of their lives to make our city, our country India, Our Mother Earth better and safe as there is no planet B.

By Rajveer Doshi

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Mother Earth VS. Catastrophic Villains

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  1. Beautifully written, the thoughts of the small child has come on paper marvelously, what an imagination that the duo siblings are doing to save the Mother Earth, looking forward for more such fiction stories. Keep up the spirit and pen more stories. All the Best34

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