Food Rajveer Doshi


Food, Food, Food
Love food, Love food.
Our world revolves around food
Eat food, yummy food.

Eating fruits and veggies
Make you stronger
Eating right and healthy
Let you live longer.
Food, Food makes us go
So, eat healthy and nutritious food
As it would do you good
And make us grow and glow
So Love food, Love food.

Food, Food, Food
It makes us feel refresh and good
Eating yummy and delicious food
It Keeps us in a superb mood
However not eating the right food
Is not very good.

Food is a gift from above
A sign of God’s assuring love
Let us all not waste this treasure
Let us all be thankful for this pleasure
Food is a precious gift
So, eat well and treat it well.
Food, Food, Food
Love food, Love food.

By Rajveer Doshi

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