The Diya Fairy

The Diya Fairy

The Diya Fairy

Once there lived a cute little girl named Riya. Riya was very kind and helpful. It was Diwali time. Few days before Diwali Riya was cleaning the house for festive season. She was cleaning the diyas and suddenly, something strange happened. She was cleaning and when she pick one of the diya she heard a tiny voice calling out her name.

After listening her name she got very scared and was about to threw away the diya but a voice from the diya said, “Riya, please don’t get scared and listen to me once.” She said, “Who are you?” I am scared because how can I hear a voice coming from the diya. A tiny little voice from the diya said, “Riya, please listen to me and help me out.” She agreed for the help. She sat down and asked the diya now tell me what happened and how can I help you. She also asked the diya how can I hear your voice and I am surprised how you are able to talk to me.

The Diya cried and started with her story. I am actually a fairy. One day, I was out for my adventure trip and on my way I saw a beautiful garden with a unique and different quality of sand in it. When I entered into the garden and touched the sand I turn into a clay diya. It was a magical sand. It was an evil trap. I tried calling my Queen fairy to get me freed from the evil trap.

The Queen fairy came to help me but she was unable to help me out. She saw with her magical wand that the solution to solve my problem is that once she came across a kind and helpful girl and she will be able to hear you only she will be able to help her out. Queen fairy also said girl has to go to the Fairyland library and from there she needs to get the book on evil’s spells. After that whatever is written in that book the girl has to do and then only the fairy will be freed from the evil trap. Riya after listening to the Diya fairy story felt really sad for her and was ready to help her out.

Riya asked Diya fairy but how I go to Fairyland library. I don’t know the way and I am not a fairy like you. Diya fairy said you will have to call Queen fairy and she will help you the way further. Riya called the Queen fairy and she appeared. Queen fairy took Riya to the Fairyland library and from there she got the evil’s trap free book. When Riya opened the book she got the evil spells written and also that there is one cave near to that garden and there is a golden magical sand which she has to sprinkle on the Diya fairy along with the evil spells.

Riya went into the cave and got the golden magical sand and sprinkled that on the Diya fairy. She also said the evil spells and after that Diya fairy was freed from the evil trap. Diya fairy was very happy and thanked Riya for helping her out. Diya fairy asked Riya that she will fulfill her one wish for her kind gesture. Riya said no that was my duty.

Diya fairy said you are so kind, honest and helpful girl. I will surely grant you one wish. It is Diwali and I will give you one magical diya which will help you and everyone around you when you or someone are in trouble. Diya fairy bid a goodbye to Riya. Riya was happy that Diya fairy was freed but was also sad to bid a goodbye to Diya fairy.

Moral : Be kind and help someone in trouble

By Rajveer Doshi

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The Diya Fairy

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