Author: Dhruv Pillai

The Dancing Shoes

The Dancing Shoes Everyone loves shoes, atleast I think everyone does. One pair will fit just right and be comfortable and another pair of the same size will pinch and hurt. That’s why Kia loved her new shoes. They were comfortable. They were cute and they made the best little clacking noise when she walked. […]

The Milkmaid And Her Pail

The Milkmaid And Her Pail There was once a milkmaid named Swati. She milked her cow and carried the two pails of milk she fetched on a stick and set out to sell the milk at the market. As she was walking to the market, she began to daydream about what she would do with […]

If I Have The Power To Become An Ant

If I Have The Power To Become An Ant I am a scientist working in an undercover government organization. Here, everyone is working to build a very dangerous nuclear bomb. Every information passed over here is very confidential if anything gets leaked you are in trouble .Most of  the time I do experiments in the  […]

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