If I Have The Power To Become An Ant

If I Have The Power To Become An Ant

If I Have The Power To Become An Ant

I am a scientist working in an undercover government organization. Here, everyone is working to build a very dangerous nuclear bomb. Every information passed over here is very confidential if anything gets leaked you are in trouble .Most of  the time I do experiments in the  lab and always find a way to blow myself up BOOM!!

I am pretty sure….no I am the most hated person in the lab there as I  always play with atoms and molecules.

So one day I was playing around in my lab  beakers and funnels to pass the time, suddenly KA-POW! a genie came from the beaker and gave me the formula to make any object small or big nah, I’m just kidding, so I am trying to change the structure of the atom and suddenly  found a formula which could make any molecule big or small in a 1 nanosecond, so I started working hard on this formula like my life depended on it. Days and Night passed…… and finally the Eureka moment came… I I made  a device to activate my formula work. one day I decided to sit past my  working hours   to try my invention, so should i try it on you…you… or you.. naaah .. What if you don’t turn back so I do it on my tea cup and it really shrunk and then I   tried to make it BIG, but it wouldn’t work I understood that if any object needed to enlarge itself it needed space . I was so thrilled to see my idea work I forgot that I was not alone left back in the lab… SSSSSShhhhhhhhhh Someone was watching me….

I saw  the office janitor watching me testing my new device. His jaw dropped and he fell flat on the ground with a big THUD!!!!! .

He was shivering in surprise.., i told him not to tell anybody about this and handed over some money..

 . I  embedded  the invention into a suit. Now i could change my size  .I was really happy with my progress..but what will do with the suit..can I make some money..or can I use it rob a bank…..I am the bad guy….(song of Billieeilish) started ringing in my ears.

…. Nooooooooooooo… I cant be a bad  guy …I wanted to be a super hero with my suit…well alright, that’s a genius idea I could use it for fighting criminals, why dint i think of it. but before i go fight the criminals i need to do some training . So  i went to my garden with my suit and i shrunk myself . i was very fascinated to see the ants and all the other insects,I tried grabbing their attention.

But no matter how hard I tried those ants wouldn’t notice me I started getting frustrated  with these ants I literally  pulled my leg to kick them but I forgot I was as tiny as them so my kick don’t work but they started to bite me …OOOuch I ran as hard as I could  they were chasing me so hard that I fell on a  small stone which I tripped and fell on the ground and those ants came all over me  oh my god!!! Whaaaaaaaaaamm .

 I tried hard pushing the button to make myself big, but it just wouldn’t work I thought this was the end,but then they left me and started to run I wondered why , I  heard a leaf folding and i turned back to look at it to see  Another danger was near I got shudders down my spine. i saw a green-colored 8 legged spider covered with fur poking out of it with dark red bloody eyes .  I tried playing spider man but dint work as I was scared of spiders ,every time I got away from it it came back I was having goosebumps. I closed my eyes to leave it to my fate..

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I screamed so loud only to see myself so torn as huge as a mountain i quickly transformed back to my normal form and swiftly dashed out of the place .

Now I understood that I was not ready to fight spiders, but  i was prepared for catching criminals and robbers in the city so i immediately changed my strategy to catch  the bad guys..i saw some robbers from the news that I saw the other day robbing a bank and i was like ok its PAY BACK TIME and I JUMP ON TO THEM AND SAY “GET YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR NOW!!!!” and I was like why would I do that, thwack!! I punched him in the face, but I GUESS I PUNCHED THE WRONG GUY…MY BAD , And slowly all his goons started to circle me, but during the fight I felt someone was screaming at me like “homework, school, chores” something was bothering me .

Right as I said that “whoosh”one of those criminals tried to land a blow on me, I shrunk myself and then that goon hit one of the other robbers and I  turned back normal and he was like how did he , how did he-. I had to handle the situation as i was alone and the goons were out numbered.. all I could do was play with my size… but then I saw a big piece of log lying there which I started moving in the air in such a way that it broke equally and landed on each of their heads and ……BANG!!!!!! They all were down… I was all confused ..how did this happen may be I got inspired by RAJNIKANTH ….anyways, like all the good movies I had a happy ending  handed them all to the police ..  Everyone was congratulating me, but suddenly…. a huge humanlike figure appeared he was so huge, so I turned big, but still his face was not visible i tried to strike him and all i heard was him screaming back at me,” WAKE UP, WAKE UP FAST ! THE BUS IS GONNA BE HERE ANY MINUTE” it was my father, I screamed” noooooooo!, it can’t be. ” He told what is wrong with this kid today.

Then  i woke up in my bed,in my normal boring life, I was kinda sad, but I also had a hearty laugh.I always wanted to become a superhero well… I guess I  wasn’t one .But then….. I realized yesterday night I was watching the Antman movie and turns out my mind was narrating the story in the form of a dream . But nevertheless If I can dream of becoming a superhero …I definitely can become one some day.. so Guys Wait until I come back with another BANG!!!

By Dhruv Pillai

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If I Have The Power To Become An Ant

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