With You

With You - Little Stories - Poems By Kids

With You

Oh! What do I see in you my dear boy,
I see mountains, rivers and a lifetime of joy.
I see the sun shining on the brightest day,
I see clouds of silver lining my way.

I see vast ocean waters of blue,
Colorful rainbows and morning dew.
Trees of glory and leaves of green,
I see sorrow and goodness in between.

I hear creatures prowling the night,
But I’m safe with you, hold me real tight.
I feel the whispers of the wind entwining my soul,
I feel you breathing, that makes me whole.

I hear the rain falling, the sun on my face,
I feel the shadows of darkness as you embrace.
I feel happiness and laughter, tears and sorrow,
Us living together like there is no tomorrow.

I feel thunder and lightning everywhere,
I feel whispers of love the wind brings to my ear.
But of all of the things that nature may bring,
It’s your love I cherish above everything.

By Daria Ahadi

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With You

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