The Storm

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The Storm

I was alone at home with my little brother. Our mom had gone grocery shopping because we were out of supplies while our dad was still at work. My brother and I were watching Tv when I could hear a loud rumble in the distance. The air started to smell like rain. I peeked over the curtains to check if it was raining. It was raining, but it was just a light rain, so I wasn’t worried.

I would never admit it but, I was afraid of thunder ever since I was a young girl. I made my way back to the couch where my brother was sitting when Boom! A loud clap of thunder made me jump. It soon started raining cats and dogs. My brother had a scared look on his face. I got onto the couch and hugged him tightly. I could hear loud noises of flying objects slamming against the house. It made such a horrible noise. I could hear thunder booming loudly.

Suddenly, the light went out! What now!? I then thought of an idea. I told my brother to stay where he was. Then, slowly and carefully, I walked to the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of water and a flashlight. I then made my way back to the couch and asked my brother to follow me upstairs.

I got to our bedroom and hid under my bed as my brother followed me. The rain got heavier, and the thunder got louder. I hugged my pillow tightly. After what seemed like an eternity, the rain stopped. I opened the curtains to see trees down and across the roads. That’s why mom couldn’t come back.

As my brother and I rushed downstairs, the front door flung open. I flashed the flashlight at the person to see who it was. Our mother came in and hugged us both and asked if we were fine as I told her what had happened. She was happy that we were safe. It was an experience no one would forget.

By Canvy Chong

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The Storm

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