Author : Aryaa Sridar

The Sparrow

The Sparrow A small baby sparrow ,Came to me with sorrow.With eyes glooming,And wings drooping.He looked in my eye,And started to Cry. I knew something was wrong,I asked him to sing a song. And he said,“The path along the river bed,The home we built,Is now just filth.Because of the bad humans,Coming with saws and guns.We […]

March On, Soldier

March On, Soldier As a child, I had a dream,Almost impossible to achieve,When I went and told it,People would laugh and leave.And then I said to myself,March on, soldier. As a teen, I had a vision,A purpose, a resolution,But I was just shoved away,With no mercy or patience.And then I said to myself,March on, soldier. […]

The Cycle Of Life

The Cycle Of Life I pick up my cycle,To venture to a land unknown,I push the pedal to move forward,All scared and alone.Half way through,I see some obstacles.I try to swerve away,But hit a few.I retrieve my cycle,Buckle up my chin.My only aim,For the victor in me to win.I tread over dangerous parts,My cycle keeping […]

The Trail I Leave

The Trail I Leave As I pick up my cycle,Before the onset of sun,After a fortnight of rain,The water yet to drain. I make my way through,The puddles and swamps,With no will to do,Or be shown to the light of lamps. As I keep on riding,No care or dare,Behind all the grieving,With no one to […]

To Be Introverted

To Be Introverted Should I drown in a sea of shadows,Or that murky swamp,To make myself less,Till kingdom come. I want to run,To the end of the tunnel,Not to the light,But to the mouth of the funnel. To make less of myself,To shelter on the shelf,T ’was twilight when I left,To combobulate the self. To […]

Into The Screen

Into The Screen Into the screen, he splurged all time, Treating it worse than measly grime. His thoughts of sanity, logic and parity, Clouded alas, by a compulsive vanity And no remaining conscience to contend, Oh! He’s entered the devil’s end. Technology – a necessary evil, accepted and agreed, For all and sundry, not just […]

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