The Sparrow

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The Sparrow

A small baby sparrow ,
Came to me with sorrow.
With eyes glooming,
And wings drooping.
He looked in my eye,
And started to Cry.

I knew something was wrong,
I asked him to sing a song.

And he said,
“The path along the river bed,
The home we built,
Is now just filth.
Because of the bad humans,
Coming with saws and guns.
We need your help,
Understand the pain we felt.”

So, I started my tremendous journey,
Right by the time it was sunny.
After a long two-day travel,
Those vigorous men, I could not battle.
They were cutting and slicing,
I went back home running.

The sparrow thought I ran away,
Oh! I came back without much delay,
With a group of 400 people,
The rough men could never deal.
And the head of the group,
Surrendered with the troop.

The sparrows were thrilled,
And my mission fulfilled.
We all lived happily,
And for life we were merry!

By Aryaa Sridar

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The Sparrow

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