To Be Introverted

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To Be Introverted

Should I drown in a sea of shadows,
Or that murky swamp,
To make myself less,
Till kingdom come.

I want to run,
To the end of the tunnel,
Not to the light,
But to the mouth of the funnel.

To make less of myself,
To shelter on the shelf,
T ’was twilight when I left,
To combobulate the self.

To lie within myself,
And give up my identity,
The very thought, a paradox
With no soul or parity.

To be introverted, my only destiny,
Oh! it drains what’s left in me.
To really take a breath and see,
What might happen to be.

I want to stop, and release myself.
I want to become a mingler,
Rather than stop my flow of words,
Become my own strangler.

So, I’ll try, but I know I’ll fail.
Then I’ll strengthen my tails
And wipe the tears I shed,
For the boat continues to sail.

By Aryaa Sridar

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To Be Introverted

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