Into The Screen

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Into The Screen

Into the screen, he splurged all time,
Treating it worse than measly grime.
His thoughts of sanity, logic and parity,
Clouded alas, by a compulsive vanity
And no remaining conscience to contend,
Oh! He’s entered the devil’s end.

Technology – a necessary evil, accepted and agreed,
For all and sundry, not just for meek and nervy indeed,
Unlocked the world of digitalization and creations
Several revelations, whilst building civilizations
Believed to be a creator and saviour
Brought along an obsessive behaviour

Addiction’s a disease of the soul, no doubt.
He chooses to live selling himself out,
Incomprehension of his role , mostly deaf,
Hindered by the gadgets on his shelf.
Informed, he was of his toxic relationship
Yet no way faltered; his phone he held, what a strong grip!

Supporting his abuse, no rights or wrongs
Back he went, ignoring all the chores.
At times, he looks up and see a space eerily liminal now
Filled only with the humans who allow
Their time to be swindled, dwindled of potent,
And of the events, willingly glad to miss out.

Once allegedly common, mostly among the grown ups
Later proved wrong, by the daughters and sons,
All smart gadgets, handhelds and tablets
Amidst progress, only drive users to madness,
Keeping them awake, weeping for a refuge
From the storm of screens and digital deluge.

Offscreen hobbies, one or or two
An olive branch, so through and true ,
If only one can foster and nurture small
To make good of this never-ending appall,
Shall be the hope and light so bright
For generations now and future right.

By Aryaa Sridar

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Into The Screen

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