Potatoes A potato, a vegetable roundGrows underground, where it’s found Mashed or fried, it’s divineIn a stew or soup, it’s just fine Baked or boiled it with easeA versatile vegetable, if you please Its a super vegetable in disguiseI love it when it is French fries By Aadhya Vinoth Visit our Facebook Page : Little Authors […]

I Love Jalebi

I Love Jalebi Oh sweet and sticky jalebi,Your aroma fills the air,Your vibrant golden hue,Draws me to everywhere. Your sugary syrup coating,Makes my mouth water and drool,My mouth waters just thinking,Of your delightful jalebi fuel. Your crunchy texture,Makes me want more,A perfect accompaniment,To a delicious cup of chai or tea. Oh sweet and sticky jalebi,I […]

Food Waste

Food Waste Food is a gift from aboveA sign of earthly loveLet us not waste this treasureThe impact of this is beyond measure Every grain has a story to tellThey provide nutrition to every cellThey help us grow everydaySo let us not waste them starting today People go hungry everydayLeft-over food can be a giveawayHence […]

Ice Cream

Ice Cream An ice cream in a bowl, Tasting is my goal. My favourite flavour is chocolate, As it tastes great. Cold and tasty as ever, Berries and cherries all over. Sprinkles of all colours, Just like beautiful flowers, Ice cream is sugary, As sweet as bees hive honey, I ‘am always dreamy, As the […]

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