Author : Saima Khan


Colours Colours so bright, they light up the nightA rainbow of hues, so beautiful and right Reds, oranges, yellows, and greensViolets, blues, and indigos, too Colours of the rainbow, so vibrant and trueA sight to behold, so beautiful and new Colours of the world, so diverse and wideA spectrum of beauty, from side to side […]

The Holiday

The Holiday The sun was about to rise on Farmer Bill’s farm. Tom Chicken woke up the cows with his important news. “The chickens are taking a holiday today,” Tom Chicken said.“Is that so?” said Minnie the cow. “What is the special occasion?”“We worked too hard this week,” Tom said.“You did?” asked Minnie.“Yes! We laid […]

Food Waste

Food Waste Food is a gift from aboveA sign of earthly loveLet us not waste this treasureThe impact of this is beyond measure Every grain has a story to tellThey provide nutrition to every cellThey help us grow everydaySo let us not waste them starting today People go hungry everydayLeft-over food can be a giveawayHence […]

My Teacher

My Teacher I came to your class To learn and grow But touched me most Is the love you showed Some learnings were difficultBut you ensured that I excelledYou taught me how to copeAnd I grew my confidence and hope I always enjoyed your classIt was the best in schoolFor me you are an awesome […]

Here Comes The Weekend

Here Comes The Weekend Here comes SaturdayBegining of a good dayFinally it is the weekendLets all say hooray There is so much I can doBut so little time in which to doI have to watch my favourite cartoonsAnd play outside till comes the moon I get to play in the parkAnd hear my neighbors dog […]

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